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Endless Nights
Zombie Apocalypse
Game site

A one of a kind AAA caliber action-packed multiplayer Zombie Shooter where you compete against other players to earn rewards.

Endless Nights will hold monthly tournaments with a large prize pool. These tournaments will increase demand by driving hordes of potential renters into the ecosystem. With high demand comes the need for more playable characters and as a 1st generation NFT owner you will have control of the supply by being able to breed your NFTs for future generations.

  • Only E.N.Z.A. Soldier holders can play our game
  • Use your NFT to earn prizes
  • Trade your game findings on our marketplace
  • Rent your NFTs to other players
  • “Breed” your first-generation NFTs
  • Get airdrops of our Governance Token
  • Participate in monthly tournament
  • Rent your NFT to tournament participants and share the prizes

Play our 4 modes: 

Player vs Player Deathmatch

Classic 1 on 1 game mode where you only have one goal; KILL YOUR OPPONENT while surviving the zombies!  

Squad vs Squad

If you thought 1 on 1 is crazy guess what, you can also play a 4 on 4 game mode with more zombies and more blood. Join up with your friends or random people online to kill other teams for rewards. 

Campaign Mode

Complete an immersive storyline that is sure to increase your skills in the game. 


100 players dropped in one world, fighting to the death until one person remains. This will be a monthly tournament with a big payout. 


Team Members

Alphack Boss

Position: The Boss
Florida, USA

Former Aerospace Engineer. Successful Business owner with vast experience in investments. Passionate about the future of gaming.


Position: E.N.Z.A Tech-Boss
Florida, USA

Known as H.E.N. “Human Encyclopedia of NFTs”. Multiple years of competitive gaming experience. Computer Science student at USF.


Position: Head Game Dev
Alaska, USA

Experienced in all aspects of game development.
The creative mind behind the game E.N.Z.A.


Position: Blockchain Dev
Georgia, USA


Position: Blueprint/C++ Specialist


Position: Design Project Manager
London, United Kingdom


Position: Head of Marketing
London, United Kingdom


Position: Marketing Manager
London, United Kingdom

True Image

Position: Media Manager
London, United Kingdom


Position: Social Media Manager
London, United Kingdom

Fairy Queen

Position: Influencer Marketing Manager
Florida, USA

The Judge

Position: Marketing Specialist
London, United Kingdom


Position: User Acquisition Specialist
London, United Kingdom